2016/17 PTC Grants


Saxe PTC Funds Over $23K in Grants


Celebrate Saxe, the PTC’s annual fall fundraising campaign orchestrated solely by parent volunteers at Saxe Middle School, not only covers operating expenses for the PTC, but it also supports the many grants put forth by Saxe administration, faculty, and staff.


Grant submission deadlines occur twice a year at Saxe so that faculty and staff can address needs as they arise during the school year.  Grant applications are accepted once in the fall and again in the spring. Faculty and staff submit the grant requests to the PTC’s Executive Board, which then reviews each one and either approves, denies, or tables it based on information provided by the grant requestor. Grants are approved depending on how many students will benefit from the requested items, administration input as well as several other criteria.


The Saxe Middle School PTC Executive Board is pleased to announce the following grant recipients to date. As more grants are approved, they will be itemized on the Saxe PTC website (saxeptc.org).


·   Water fountain replacements and new water bottle fillers: Cap of $8,520

·   Fatal Vision Alcohol Kit for all health classes: $3,800

·   Four new trumpets for music department loaner fleet: $3,200

·   Whiteboard set of 24 & rack for science classes: $2,618

·   Visiting artist and supplies: $1,500

·   Headsets (15) for general music classes: $1,490

·   ICT cables: $1,348

·   Basketball goals for Special Education: $640

·   Basketballs: $120

·   Coat for security guard: $93


Approved grants total as of March 2, 2017: $23,338