Attention 6th Grade Parents!

Connecticut State Law requires ALL students to have a physical

exam during sixth grade. The CT Health Assessment form needs

to be on file in the nurse’s office by the last day of 6th grade. Saxe accepts physicals dated after June 1, 2017.

The current immunization requirements from the CT State

Department of Health include:

1. A second dose of Varicella if not already done

2. Tdap booster

3. Meningitis vaccine

Upon completion of the exam, please send the completed CT

health assessment record to the lower division health office.

Please contact your school nurse, Joelle Graham, with any

questions: or (203) 594-4526.

For questions, please email

Brad Lepisto at

Computers for Kids

For almost twenty years, the Computers for Kids program has been collecting gently used desktop and laptop computers, fixing them up a bit, and giving them to local families in need. If you have a spare computer to donate, please label it with your name and address before bringing it to the Saxe Lower Division Security Desk. Your donation will be most appreciated!


If you know a child or family in need of a computer, please email While there are no special financial requirements, our purpose is to give computers to people who can't afford to buy one at this time. Julius Alexander and Hank Ellett have provided invaluable expertise and assistance for many years, and new volunteers are always welcome.

Great news from the Saxe Art Department


We are thrilled to announce a mural project that we will be asking the students to design & paint for the new wing!


In support of our amazing department, the PTC afforded us to have Ed MacEwen come to speak to the students about his painting career and work with large scale murals . Ed not only has an impressive body of work to inspire us as we undertake this project, he also happens to be Mrs. Sailer's father.


During his visits, Ed discussed the creative thought process that happens as a project of this scale unfolds. From brainstorm lists, to sketches, to color scheme selection, he shared with the students his word mural he designed for the Wilton Library.  


Once the slideshow and discussion ended, students began brainstorming for our mural. Our focus will be to convey a message of creativity, community & positivity while combining typography, shapes & color.


Here are some scenes from Ed's visits:

Call for Recyclable Items

Your family's trash may be the art department's treasure!

Please clean and sanitize all items as appropriate before donation. 

Items can be delivered to the main office.

The art department can always use:

  • newspaper

  • plastic containers with lids

  • clear pint and quart size plastic deli containers with lids

  • magazines - school appropriate such as design, food, architectural, technology/science related and the like (Please no pop culture, fashion, or news magazines)

  • egg cartons

  • coffee cans

  • soup cans

  • large plastic yogurt containers (32 oz) with lids or without

  • shirt cardboard (the thin kind that comes from the dry cleaners)

  • large pieces of cardboard (the kind that comes from the purchase of a large appliance)


If you have something unique that you think the art department can use, please email your child's art teacher with a photo of the item so the art teachers can confirm if there is a need for it. Thank you!