2019-2020 Grants

Celebrate Saxe, the PTC’s annual fall fundraising campaign orchestrated solely by parent volunteers at Saxe Middle School, not only covers operating expenses for the PTC, but it also supports the many grants put forth by Saxe administration, faculty, and staff.


Grant submission deadlines typically occur twice a year at Saxe so that faculty and staff can address needs as they arise during the school year.  Grant applications are accepted once in the fall and again in the spring. Faculty and staff submit the grant requests to the PTC’s Executive Board, which then reviews each one and either approves, denies, or tables it based on information provided by the grant requestor. Grants are approved depending on how many students will benefit from the requested items, administration input as well as several other criteria.


The Saxe Middle School PTC Executive Board is pleased to announce the following approved grants for 2019-2020:

  • Furniture, supplies and books for classroom libraries across all grade levels and disciplines:  $17,515.85

  • Customized welcome mats with the Saxe logo for the school's front and rear entrances:  $10,477.15

  • Clay slab rollers, figurines and supplies for the Art Department:  $6,017.67

  • Bass drum, trombone and bass clarinet for the Saxe School Band:  $5,209.68

  • National Geographic giant maps for use by all Saxe social studies students in all grades:  $4,865.00

  • Twelve student white board desks:  $3,063.64

  • Enhancements to the Saxe Cafe and additional games/recess equipment:  $2,780.73

  • Customized Saxe signage:  $2,682.23

  • Furniture and supplies for the Lower Division Office and Counseling Department:  $2,450.12

  • Special Education Department sensory room equipment, furniture and supplies:  $2,049.72

  • Microphones and recording equipment for students to produce video projects and podcasts:  $1,245.44

  • Rockets, simulation software and launch materials for participation in a national competition:  $1,167.94

  • New fish tank and supplies for the Trout Club's 10th Anniversary:  $1,015.00

  • Fabric for reusable tunics for use at Connecticut Latin Day:  $350.00

  • Software for the Myths and More Club and competition fees for our Mock Trial Club:  $350.00

  • Forty copies of Communicating Critical Thinking from the Creative Learning Exchange:  $280.00

  • Three density box demonstration kits for the Science Department:  $111.44

Total 2019-2020 Approved Grants: $61,631.61