Locker Ladders

Locker Ladders!


This is a middle school survival essential.  To avoid chaos and confusion in your incoming 5th grader's locker (or for any "grader" for that matter), purchase a locker organizer so they will be ready to hit the ground running in September. Locker Ladders are black with red trim and cost $25 each.  


What are Locker Ladders?

A flexible organizer that hangs inside the locker from locker hooks, rod or shelf.


  • Constructed of heavy duty fabric with steel hangers and rigid shelf inserts, which can withstand lots of punishment.

  • Expands usable locker space, yet leaves room for backpacks and coats.

  • Neatly holds folders, papers and books.

  • Creates sturdy shelves measuring 11.5" tall and 5.5" wide x 9" deep



Locker Ladders may be purchased at school events in September.



Contact Maria Magliacano at with any questions.