Friday: Last Day of Celebrate Saxe!

Everything that happens at Saxe comes down to CARING. The wonderful teachers and staff truly care about each and every student and that is clear in all they do. The students care about one another, as well, and as parents, you can show how much YOU care by donating to CELEBRATE SAXE
For the last day of CELEBRATE SAXEwe wanted to share this video with you - we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Thursday: Celebrate Saxe Slideshow!

We’ve had a lot of fun at school this week during CELEBRATE SAXE, and we wanted to share some of those special moments with you! And please remind your student(s) that Friday is a Spirit Day once again. They can wear their Red & Black and Saxe spirit wear. We'll have music and popsicles at recess to end the week with lots of smiles!


Thursday: Caught Caring Challenge!

Today for CELEBRATE SAXE we launched the “Caught Caring!” Challenge to recognize Saxe students who are seen demonstrating CARING behavior to another individual, our school community, or even themselves. When a student is seen in a random act of kindness or showing any of the five C’s from our Charter, the teacher will issue them a ticket (seen below) and they will report to the front office for a photo and one of our new "Caught Caring at Saxe" pencils (who doesn’t love a new pencil!?). Their picture will then be showcased on a bulletin board outside the cafeteria, hopefully inspiring fellow students to get caught, too!


Tuesday & Wednesday: Live from Las Vegas!

Did you hear about the amazing Mentalist and Magician, Kent Axell, who performed for our 5th and 6th graders yesterday and for our 7th and 8th graders today? Live from Las Vegas, Kent wowed and entertained the students and teachers with his awesome tricks and illusions. It was so fun to watch him interact with the classes and engage one-on-one with his volunteers, while doing mind-bending tricks that were just so hard to believe! The PTC is proud to be able to bring in such a dynamic, entertaining and inspiring performer. With his creativity, he was able to show kids how to "think outside of the box" and be open to mental exploration.  We hope you enjoy these photos and quick videos!




Monday: Hawks Talk Podcast!

CLICK HERE to listen to the first-ever Hawks Talk Podcast to hear our PTC Co-President Jenny Volanakis and Vice-President of Ways and Means Julie Passios talk about all the wonderful ways the Celebrate Saxe fundraiser will benefit our entire school community!




Welcome to the Celebrate Saxe homepage! We are excited to share a little history about our annual fundraiser and why it’s important for you to help us Celebrate Saxe!

The is our 9th year of Celebrate Saxe. It started back in 2012 as a way to raise money to support special projects not covered by the Board of Education's budget. All money raised goes directly to fulfilling teacher grants, supporting special programs, enrichment experiences, curriculum enhancements and fun events throughout the year. The PTC has directed funds towards STEM, the music program, technology upgrades, parent education programs, dynamic speakers and much more. In the past couple of years we were able to purchase water bottle filling stations, outdoor tables and seating, and the Greenhouse.  
In this coming year, in addition to funding grants, we are very excited to be working on the Outdoor Learning Project. We believe you’ll be just as excited as we are to see the multi-phase plans for the development of our campus to really take advantage of as many outdoor spaces as possible. Stay tuned for more information on that this week!  
How can you be a part of Celebrate Saxe??
Our goal is to achieve 100% participation in reaching our goal of $100,000! What you give isn’t as important as just being a part of the effort to make a difference in the programing and resources that distinguish Saxe as one of the best middle schools around!  
Please click the button above to donate now!  Thank you for making a difference!!

Julie Passios & Beth Rosen

Co-VPs, Ways & Means
Co-Chairs, Celebrate Saxe

"Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water - it will make ripples throughout the entire pond." - Jessy and Bryan Matteo



The Saxe PTC is a 501(c)3 organization.  Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For company matching, please contact PTC Treasurer, Stacey Harmon at