Saxe Outdoor Learning Project Update




The Saxe PTC set out to enhance the untapped potential of some of our campus’ diverse outdoor spaces as part of the 2022 Celebrate Saxe campaign. Working together with the administration and a landscape and civil engineering firm, Conte & Conte, we explored possible updates to the school’s five courtyards, as well as the grass verges on the exterior of the buildings. 



Over the last year, we decided to tackle the largest and most underutilized area: the main courtyard in the center of the building.  We set out to make some pretty significant improvements, and with the help of our generous Saxe families during the 2022 Celebrate Saxe campaign, we were able to completely renovate this courtyard. Now called Hawks Valley, the courtyard was cleared and leveled in some areas. We added irrigation, additional grass spaces, carefully considered indigenous plantings, and a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. We are continuing to add durable outdoor furniture to make the space even more functional. 



We are thrilled to share a few images that show the before and after photos of Hawks Valley. Students, staff, and parents have already been able to utilize the beautiful space this year and we know that it will provide many opportunities for the Saxe community to meet and thrive together. Outside.

We hope you’re as excited about the project as we are! 



But we are not finished…our fundraising continues so that we can update other outdoor areas on our campus. For more details on our current project, please visit: